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NongHao 濃好 [Nong Hao]在上海話 意思是你好~ 去年…
──NongHao 濃好


NongHao 濃好 [Nong Hao]在上海話 意思是你好~ 去年ADee與Akira和Chrales以及新朋友。 他們買了機票去上海待了10多天。 只是為了滑板假期。 沒有攝影師。 他們互相用手機拍攝。 開心的滑板跟享受。 當你老了,有一份完整的工作,家庭和生活。 有多久沒有給自己休息一個滑板假期? 和你朋友們一起滑板? 還記得當初滑板開心的感覺嗎? 當你老了,壓力來自四面八方。 但是,休息一下,讓自己放鬆一下,享受滑板假期。 只是為了好玩和享受。 然後,你將充滿活力,回到你的工作,家庭和生活。 NongHao [Nong Hao] in the Shanghainese The mean is Hello & what’s up Last year ADee with Akira and Chrales and new friends. They buy the flight ticket go to Shanghai stay like 10 more days. Just for skate holiday. No filmer no business. They film each other use the phone. Just skate and have fun. When u getting old have a full job and family and life. How long u not just take a break have a vacation. Go skate with your homies and boys? Remember the skateboarding just have fun? Sure when u getting old the pressure come from everywhere. But just take a break let yourself relax and have a skate holiday. Just for fun and enjoy. Then u will be full of energy to to go back on your job and family and life.

ADEE -Hung Chen Lu-
Date of Birth : 1987/1/27
Birth Place : 台湾, 台北 Taiwan Taipei
Resides : 上海 Shanghai
Blood Type : O
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