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Long time no blog.... Just spent th…


Long time no blog....

Just spent the last week in Taipei, Taiwan getting the last few clips for the Evisen Video with Akira Imamura, Seimi Miyahara and Shingo Ogura (videographer).

Big thanks to Sixpack Taipei, Delta Skate supply, Anytime skate shop for all the help, and HALTAC for guiding and shooting photos..

Part 2 of the Taiwan trip is coming soon with Katsumi Minami, Shinpei Ueno, MARU and Koichiro Uehara. To be followed up with a short clip and all the bangers saved for the Evi Video COMING SOON (really this time...)

Laurence Keefe
Photo by Wallner

Laurence Keefe
(スケートボーダー / トラベラー)
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