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Bordeaux city is definetly one of t…
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Bordeaux city is definetly one of the best place in the world to push around, especially when the summer is just begining.

Today, Yoan needed some fresh blood to push on the front of his fish eye and play the speed game... We were lucky to have had Manu, an upcoming Bordeaux photographer, following us and shooting the ambiance. Here are a few shots that he gave for the blog:

Patrick "the legend" Hougntry doing a 3-6 (sabrok) flip!

Yoan T  and the cops, they're everywhere!

All photos by Manuel Schenck. I would recommend a little click on (even if it says don't do it, don't be scared-just do it!) and for more pictures!



Leo Valls
photo:Gregoire Grange
Leo Valls