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Here we are for the second part of …
──Bordeaux allstars part 2/


Here we are for the second part of the Bordeaux allstars connection presenting some friends from my hometown Bordeaux!

All those actions has been captured in Bordeaux in the past ten years:

1/ Antoine De Lassée. A really funny character who became a Bordeaux head in only a few years by his humour and his motivation. The guy is 33 and still skates almost everyday! We all like to share more than a skate session with him...

Frontside noseslide and smith grind shot by Guillaume Ansselin.

2/ Yoan Barroso: A pure original Bordeaux skater. I remember seeing him skating the "Malraux" plaza when i just started skateboarding and he was seriously killing it! He's a beast on a skateboard!

Here is a scann of an old interview of Yoan in a french mag, i guess around 1998 where you can see a switch flip and a fifty fifty.

Here is the Trafalgar video from 2007 showing some Bordeaux skaters.  you can see a few Yoan's tricks in it, especially a very beasty backside 180 over a garbage at the end:

Sergio Cadare et Yoan Barroso around 2000!

3/ Sergio Cadare: I started skateboarding with this guy and i can tell you he is the nicest gangster ever! He's currently living the american dream somewhere in Los Angeles, good luck S.E.R!

Switch heelflip over the 8 stairs of "Malraux" (RIP) in 2005 and a little video to check Sergio style:

4/ Virgil Core: another Bordeaux legend! He doesn't skate anymore but used to have the sickest style!

Fakie flip on the six stairs of "Malraux" again, at least ten years ago!


5/ Edouard Depaz: one of the "new kids on the block" who deserves some attention. This kid is only 16!

ollie by Guillaume Ansselin

6/ Xavier Benadives: A new Bordeaux head. i'm sure you should see more of him in the near future!

Frontside fifty by Leon.


Leo Valls
photo:Gregoire Grange
Leo Valls
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