We're in Paris for a few days tryin…
──Filming for VHS mag in Paris/


We're in Paris for a few days trying to film for new projects and work on a "feature"for VHS mag! I've always felt like Paris is one of the hardest cities to film skateboarding in. People, traffic, metro and stress make it such a challenge to get a single clip done. At the same time, i realised how unique any clip you can get in the streets of this city looks like, and Yoan and I decided to join the Parisian Magenta force for a couple of weeks! i feel like we're gone have some good times here:

We took the metro and pushed around Looking for spots,

We made some new friends,

We met up with Santiago!

i did a little close up on Yoan's magic VX,

and those guys Joked around all day!

Soy's spoto!

Vivien's spoto!

Gou Miyagi spoto! When is this guy coming to Paris by the way?

Magenta's office!

Also, MAGENTA has a brand new website that you have to check out! That shit's hooot:

Part 2 coming soon... Byebye!




Leo Valls
photo:Gregoire Grange
Leo Valls
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