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Here we are, im on the point to tak…
──Goodbye Bordeaux!


Here we are, im on the point to take my plane to go to San Francisco again to live there with Lauren, my girlfriend, for a few months and skate. Im really excited about getting some SF colors, taking the sun and bombing hills!

Yoan and Masaki should join soon, so we'll be filming for the next video and edits and keep the work coming!

To say goodbye to the crew in Bordeaux, the city i call home, what better than a late night session with a few of them, even under a light rain?

Charles, me, Maxime, Yoan, Patrick "the legend", Lyu from japan (!) and DJ Kicks as the Bordeaux soccer team on wheels!

Charles pushing in the streets of Bordeaux under the rain!

We ended up bombing some indoor parking until very late at night and had a blast!

Bye bye Bordeaux, see you next time, my dear.

I will post about San Francisco soon!


Leo Valls
photo:Gregoire Grange
Leo Valls