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Today Yoan and i travelled through …


Today Yoan and i travelled through France from Bordeaux to Marseille. Marseille is a very old mediteranean city,  sick for skating and famous for its  doawnhills and its very unique atmosphere and people. We are gona stay here a long week with the Magenta crew, Masaki and our friend photographer Guillaume Anselin to film a new capsule for Magenta skateboards.

a "capsule" is a short edit that we drop on the internet every now and then. Here are the links my friends!

Here is the Bordeaux capsule:





and here is the Paris capsule.

This is some classic gangsta parisian style right there, yo!



So after a long day trip, we finally hit up Marseille with a big smile on our face. We have lots of long time friends here and the Marseille skate scene is really sick. From 90's style inspired old generation to the new generation of streeteurs or the bowlers, there is lots of energie going on in this city and some really cool looking spots. Skateboarding history in Marseille is epic and if ever you can put your hand on a copy of FORMULA 13 (1999) and RECREATION (2002) ( two old Marseille videos) you'll see what im talking about.

そんなこんなで長い移動を終え、ようやく笑顔でマルセイユに到着。ここには古い仲間が大勢いて、スケートシーンもヤバい。90年代に影響された古い世代から次世代スケーターまで、この街はエネルギーで溢れていて最高なロケーションのスポットも多い。マルセイユには素晴らしいスケート史もあり、『Formula 13 (1999)』や『Recreation (2002)』を観てもらえればその意味がわかってもらえると思う。

Tonio, Marseille local, and still boss of 21 skateshop (rip) in this appartement!

マルセイユのローカル、トニオ。いまだに21 skateshop(RIP)のボス!

The old 21 skateshop promo.

21 skateshopのプロモ。

Tonio has plenty of art stuff and photos and he also has a collection of cool stamps from all over the world!


With a glass of "white russian" to celebrate!

I will report more about our time in Marseille.

Cheers from France.




Leo Valls
photo:Gregoire Grange
Leo Valls
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