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I'm back from a little trip with so…


I'm back from a little trip with some of the MINUIT staff: Yoan Taillandier, Masaki Ui and Guillaume Anselin. We went all the way south of Bordeaux to Zaragoza to try to get some clips for an upcoming MINUIT web promo video. Here are some photos:

Canadian tourist and blogger Dan Watson from came for a memorable visit. Funiest dude from the new continent! He was quicly followed by Canadian maniac Kevin Lowry! "Hell yeah dudes"!

Guillaume's van was ready to take the road, as much as Yoan's vampire eyes as you can see on this picture!

We said bye to Seb Garnault and RIOT skateshop in Bordeaux! REPRESENT!

We stoped by some pretty sick spots on the way to Spain

Made it to St Sebastien. Police didn't seem like they were happy to see us. We basically got quicked out from everywhere and Kevin even got his board taken by the cops... Boooohooo... Out of here!

We picked up our new friend Alex Vargas from San Diego! New addition to the crew!

We took a break by stopping in the desert! It was my very first time seeing a desert in real life, so sick!

We finally arrived in Zaragoza...

The city is so sick! Amazing mix of modern and old architecture, and seriously insane for skateboarding. We couldn't believe how underrated Zaragoza is, you can stay months here and skate new spots everyday!

Masaki had a lot of fun!

Shit, only two nights in Zaragoza and it's time to go home... The trip went by way too fast, we will have to go back for sure!

Big thanks to Guillaume Anselin for driving and being the man of every situation... CHEERS!


Leo Valls
photo:Gregoire Grange
Leo Valls
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