VANS - Jackson Pilz Sk8-Hi Pro

Japanese English First time you wer…
──Daisetsu Araki(English)


First time you were called Andrew:
I didn't know I was called Andrew at first. All of the sudden people started calling me Andrew! I still don't know why though...

First skater you got inspired by:
Hikarigaoka locals! Kikawada, Tatsumi, Aruto, Sewa; They were so sick!

First thing that you thought something is better than skating:
Marbled steak, it was like a lip cream.

First time you thought DVS is the best:
Design is simple and cool, and they're perfect for skating.

First impression about Tani:
A small boy with glasses! He had the best halfcab noseslide!

First Nixon watch you ever had:
The Score, you can use it for the game of skate!

First nollie trick you ever learned:
Nollie heel for sure! Full effect!

First fear you ever felt:
I threw a bunch of glue and outran the babylon.

First taste of a woman:
Fruit punch.

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word VHS:
Victory Hot Sex.

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