VANS - Crockett Hi

Japanese English First time you tho…
──Lui Araki(English)


First time you thought this is impossible:

First noseslide super pop out:
I was trying to do a noseslide to K-grind and I couldn’t get it into k-grind. I accidently popped out super high.

First sponsor:
A skateshop called The Edge in Kobe.

First time you thought Tokyo is a scary place:
When I found out about what was going on behind the scene.

First thing that got you hyped more than skating:
Playstation 1 game, Thrasher Skate & Destroy. I’m probably the best player in the world. Hit me up if you think you can beat me.

First kiss:
Who wants to know??

First coverage in a magazine:

First visit to Tokyo:
AJSA contest at Sunshine, Ikebukuro when I was in high school.

First time you started your brand, L.I.F.E:
Naotaka Ohya and I were talking about wanting to start a brand from way back… Brian and Annie in Hong Kong encouraged us to actually start it.

First lie that you totally believed:
That my friend died. I bumped into him six months later and though he was a ghost.

First incident you got blown away:
The Great Hanshin Earthquake.

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word VHS:
New Deal's 1281. This was the first skate video I bought and watched it over and over.

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