Japanese English First board: I thi…
──Marty Murawski(English)


First board:
I think it was an Alva? I started skating when I was like four so I can’t exactly remember… It had a dead cat and a slingshot.

First trick:
Ollie one-foot.

First pro you ever met in person:
Mike McGill. He signed a poster for me at a skatepark.

First skate video you ever watched:
Powell Peralta’s The Search for Animal Chin, but it was after it already came out.

First video part you got blown away:
I went to H-Street’s Hokus Pokus premiere and I really like Matt Hensley’s part.

First coverage in a skate magazine:
TransWorld SKATEboarding, Check Out. I was 18.

First video part:
Progression VM, Issue 4. I have a crazy outfit so… I like the part but if I watch it now, I’d be like “Oh… Take off the bright yellow shirt!”

First time you felt happy about being a skater:
Probably right when I started. I just loved being a skater right away. I used to watch skate videos even before when I could skate since I had an older brothers that skated.

First time you felt like an outsider skating in other country:
First time when I went out of the country, it was to France. We were in Lyon and there were dudes trying to fuck with us. So I would say Lyon, France.

First cuss word:
Probably SHIT. I’m sure I learned it pretty early because of my older brothers.

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word VHS:
Filming each other with a shoulder camera, and watch what we got after the day was over.

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