Off The Wall Tee | Vans

Japanese English First car: Cedric …
──Masanori Uruma(English)


First car:
Cedric van with a fender mirror.

First sponsor:
Double Faith Skateshop.

First handrail:
Oihama Library.

First thing that you felt when your pro model came out:
Mom and dad, I'm a pro skater now.

First difference between Japan and NY that you felt:
All the pushing and the speed of NY locals.

First footage/photo shot overseas that got featured in skate media:
5boro's EZ Pass Vacation. One of the photo we shot during the tour got used in Thrasher. Circa 2001.

First motivation for starting Kukunochi Corp (distribution company):
To help out Pat Smith.

First skate brand that you wanted to distribute:
Coda Skateboards.

First moving moment through Kukunochi Corp:
50 boards in my house.

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word VHS:
Hokus Pokus.

神奈川県横浜市出身。Coda Skateboardsのライダーで、スケート歴23年の大ベテラン。日本屈指のレールキラーとして名を馳せ、現在もアグレッシブな滑りでシーンに喝を入れるエナジー源。Kukunochiビデオ制作中。
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