VANS - Jackson Pilz Sk8-Hi Pro

Japanese English First time in Toky…
──Masataka Yamashiro(English)


First time in Tokyo
Tokyo Disneyland.

First video part
I guess a local skate video called Flow.

First time you met Lesque crew
Not in Okinawa where I'm from, I first met them in the inland.

First time you were called Mini Gorilla
Shota and Hokkaido's Shingo started calling me that first.

First DC skater that you felt jealous
everyone since they're all good!

First win at skate contest
When I defeated Sai in Okinawa.

First LRG skater that you made friends with
First LRG skater I met was Felipe Gustavo three years ago, but Kelly Hart and Rodrigo TX were the firsts to make friends with.

First time you cried over skating
Probably never have.

First English word you learned

First time you felt, "This is impossible!"
I try not to think like that.

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word VHS
Vidal Sassoon.

沖縄県出身、西東京在住。LRGのジャパンツアーに同行し、海外勢の度肝を抜いた山城正隆。世界基準の滑りはLRGライダーのお墨付き。スポンサーは、DC、LRG、Source、California Street、LESQUE、KANPAI。
THE FIRSTS。今回は、日本の最終兵器として
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