VANS - Crockett Hi

Japanese English First video part y…
──Munekazu Kitajima(English)


First video part you got blown away:
Powell Peralta's Frankie Hill parts.

First time you lost your memory:
Maybe when I was drinking with the IKB crew...

First switch trick you learned:
Switch frontside 180 ollie.

First coverage in a magazine:
Probably a photo of an IKB feature in Tokyo Street News.

First chaos at IKB:
There was this mass murder in the IKB color gang era.

First time visiting overseas to study:
SF when I was 19.

First time you got hooked up with Metropia:
I got the offer from K when I was in SF.

First time you felt happy that you were into Yoga:
When I first pulled the Asana pose, it was like landing a skate trick. I got a flexible body and gained more concentration. It was good for diet too.

First signature model:
From my brand SunDanceFlow.

First website you made:

First kids skate school:
I got the offer from Shin Yokohama Skatepark when the place was this close to shutting down due to trash and manner problem. The school went well and got a lot of participants and now we have 100 kids. And of course the skatepark is backing us up 100%.

If you're interested, check it out.

THE FIRSTS。今回はデッキブランド