Japanese English First setup: Wow..…
──Peter Bici(English)


First setup:
Wow... Schmitt Stix Mini-Rip Saw, Indy Trucks with pink OJ IIs 97a. I couldn't believe I had my own board.

First trick:
Tick tacks? You go right to left with the front of your board. I would do them all day in front of my house in Queens.

First video you ever watched:
I think it was a Powell Peralta video... The Search for Animal Chin?

First sponsor:
Nimbus Skateboards in 1990, the team was Jeff Pang, Peter Huynh, Bobby Puleo, Jim Lynch. I was so stoked getting free boards!

First coverage in a skate magazine:
TransWorld SKATEboarding in 1990? It was a backside Ollie on a mini ramp. It was an art installation on Broadway in Downtown Manhattan. It was crazy; people were drinking wine and watching us skate. I thought it was funny.

First video part:
It was the FTC video. My favorite video part. At that time it was an honor to be in that.

First skate injury:
I was skating in Queens and met these guys with launch ramp and it had a crazy transition. I went straight for the ramp fast, looped out falling backwards and landed on my wrist. I got up and felt my wrist tingling. My wrist bone was popping out my skin! My brother grabbed my arm and wrist and popped it back into place!!!!! Crazy Albanians. It worked!

First time you broke your board:
I think when a car ran over it.

First cuss word:
Shit and Motherfucka!

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word VHS:
Old skateboard videos and pornos!!

ニューヨーク州クイーンズ出身。'90年代半ばにZOO YORKに在籍し、NYのキング・オブ・スタイルとして活躍した元プロスケーター。現在はクロージングブランドUXAのライダー、そして消防士としてNYのストリートを走りまわっている。
THE FIRSTS。今回は、UXAのキング・オブ・スタイル、
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