VANS - Jackson Pilz Sk8-Hi Pro

Japanese English First skater you g…
──Ryuichi Tanaka(English)


First skater you got inspired by:
Masafumi Kajitani, chief editor at VHSMAG.

First skate video you ever watched:
Blind, Tim & Henry's Pack of Lies from back in '92.

First time you ran away from home:
I've never ran away from home but have almost got kidnapped once when I was a kid.

First time you got humiliated:
Two girls beat my ass at a skate contest.

First time you got hit on by a girl:
Never have... especially now that I'm married.

First skate tour:
I went to Tokyo to film with Masafumi Kajitani, Venice, Masayuki Irishio and Ryuichi Okumura.

First video camera:
Sony TRV... '94 style.

First time you ever filmed a skater:
I probably filmed a line with Venice at Nakanoshima.

First time you met your wife Kao:
She never drank back then...

First reason you started your wheel company Strush:
Masafumi Kajitani once lived with me in Osaka and I wanted to make something.

First time you felt weird after you started working for Hayashi Trading:
Daisuke Higa's stupid jokes and all the weird things Ken Nagahara said.

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word VHS:
I still dig them. They look good when you store them in a shelf.

大阪と東京を繋ぐキーパーソンとして、長くスケートシーンの中核で活動するリュウイチこと田中竜一。ストリートスケートをこよなく愛し、得意技のトレフリップのクオリティは衰え知らず。フルレングスビデオ第2弾となる、Strush Wheelsの新作を鋭意制作中。
気になるスケーターの“初めて”を探るコーナーTHE FIRSTS。
今回は、STRUSH WHEELSを主宰するかたわら