Japanese English First time you ste…
──Satoru Taguchi(English)


First time you stepped on a skateboard:
A hot summer when I was in the 6th grade.

First video part:
FESN, directed by Takahiro Morita. We used to go to the same technical school.

First trick with the super pop:
You want me to say hardflip, huh? No, an ollie.

First time when you thought you're pure:
When I went on a date and I couldn't eat in front of the girl.

First thing you thought when you rode a motorcycle:
It's like skating!

First time you scored big time on Mahjong:
I was so psyched that I couldn't sleep.

First clothes you made:
A T-shirt from Metropia.

First magazine you modeled for:
Probably Smart? Maybe Mr. HighFashion.

First time you thought women are scary:
When they're driving.

First time you thought you're a skater:
I was skating when everyone else was riding a bike.

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word VHS:
I used to find a lot of them by the riverside.

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