Vans Skate HalfCab‘92

Japanese English Firsts time you st…
──Seigi Maeda(English)


Firsts time you started skating:
I started out snowboarding first and I borrowed a skateboard from my friend.

First setup:
Some random setup from a random sport shop.

First time you thought your ollie was high:
I didn’t really think my ollie was high. I guess I found that out when I broke a record.

First time you were called Justice:
I introduced myself that when I was in LA.

First time you rapped:
First year in high school.

First live set:
At Funky Cafe in Fukuoka.

First magazine you had coverage in:
Warp. There was this Kyushu feature and this was my first coverage with a big photo.

First time you appeared on TV:
A local program, Hiho.

First Japan record:
High ollie, 105cm at 2SKATES in Kurume. It was a contest called X-Meeting organized by Ollie mag. Felt super good!!

First local specialty you liked:
Spicy cod roe.

First quote you were inspired by:
Regret it after you try.

First time in Tokyo:
I was tired of moving around in trains. I freaked out by the number of
people there.

First sponsor:
A local shop called FLAP.

THE FIRSTS。今回は、福岡の若頭でオーリー
福岡県福岡市出身。1984年2月12日生まれ。日本屈指のハイオーリーを誇る前田正義。ジャスティス名義でラッパーとしても活躍。2002年には、105cmのオーリーを記録する。代表作は、アパレルブランドNaughtyの『Answer From West』。
  • NB Numeric: New Balance