VANS - Crockett Hi

Japanese English First time you pic…
──Takahiro Morita


First time you picked up a video camera:
I was supposed to make a video for Tokyo Z-Boys and borrowed a Hi-8 camera from a friend. It got stolen in Hawaii and I met this model name Bingo aka Hiro when I was feeling down. I’m grateful that we met!

First time you got into making clothes:
I was wearing a tee with an armband that said SEX on it.

First skate video that blew your mind:
Powell Peralta’s Public Domain. It was the very first video I watched.

First film that you got inspired by:
A film that really inspired me was probably Escape to Victory. I started playing soccer after that.

First amazing fact that you found out:
That Silas Baxter-Neal got the SOTY in ’08. I want one too!

First discovery:
I found Scandinavian porn videos in my dad’s safe. Amazing.

First temptation that outmatched skateboarding:
Xxx and Music. Amazing.

First regret:
A mummy-like girl came at a place where you pay to have xxx.

First gratitude for skateboarding:
When I pressed and shaped a board by myself. I was grateful of the quality of boards I was riding before.

First challenge:
Everything about skating is a challenge. I was there challenging today too.

First dream:
I wanted to be a pro soccer player when I was a kid. So I guess being pro at something.

東京都杉並区出身。'95年ビデオプロダクション『FESN』を設立。'97にはクロージングブランド『LIBE BRAND UNIVS.』を自身の活動拠点である「中野」に設立。現在はオンラインTV番組『FESN.TV』で番組のパソナリティを務めるなど、その活動は多岐に渡る。
THE FIRSTS。最終回は、ビデオプロダクションFESN、
クロージングブランドLIBE BRAND UNIVS.代表、
  • Independent Skateboard Trucks