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Japanese English First Japanese ska…
──Yoshiaki Toeda(English)


First Japanese skater you got inspired by:

First time you skated at Sega spot in Kugenuma:
When I was 13.

First board rotating trick you ever learned:
Pop shove it.

First overseas skate company you got sponsored by:
with Lakai when I was 18 or 19.

First pro board:
From Western Edition when I was 22, around my birthday.

First pro skater you met in the US:
PJ Ladd.

First struggle in the US other than language barrier:
I’ve never had one (laughs).

First coverage in US skate magazine:
Venture ad in Thrasher, a sequence at 3rd & Army.

First manga you got hooked on:
One Piece!! Even now!!

First movie that made you cried:

First time you got recognized by a stranger:
I don’t really remember but I was really surprised when someone recognized me at an electric store. I started acting weird (laughs).

First video part:
Chatty Chatty.

First thing that you’d say to a stranger:
Howdy, howdy howdy LOL.

神奈川県出身。Chatty Chattyクルーの要で、先日発売された『Chatty Chatty4』で堂々のトリを飾り、日本スケート史に新たな軌跡を残した。スポンサーはWestern Edition、NIXON、Ninja Bearing、New Era、FTC、Murasakiスポーツなど。
気になるスケーターの“ 初めて ”を探るコーナー
THE FIRSTS。今回は鵠沼ローカルで日本のエース、
Western EditionやNinja Bearingなどからシグネチャー