VANS - Crockett Hi

Japanese English First time in IKB:…
──Yuzo Kudo(English)


First time in IKB:
A flat ground spot in front of Art Theater in IKB West Gate Park.

First time in IKB's club, BED:
Watashi (Fumihiro Watashinabe) took me there. A lot of the '90s hip hop.

First time you skated Blueprint board:
I was so into the act of skating so I don't remember.

First regret through drinking:
I was taken to a hospital after I drank two bottles of vodka. I woke up on a bed and had some corn beef on my hair. I can't eat corn beef since then.

First time in England:
From 7/1~8/22 in 2004. I was there with Takahiro Morita and Yoshiharu Yoshida. I made me think about a lot of things. It was worth going. I have tons of stories!

First thing with Nakano's skateshop, Fat Bros:
On the Broad.

First coverage:
Don't remember.

First tour with Color Communications:
Tours are great. Not everything goes well but I'm happy I was a part of it. It was amazing to see how much Hiroki Muraoka and Akira Imamura skates and also seeing Yuichi Ohara trying to skate with injured ankle was sick.

First original trick:
Feeble fs pop shove-it out on a middle of a ledge.

First time at King Park:
King Park!? It's a gym of a Closed-down school, an IKB's secret spot. I don't remember my first time there though.

岩手県出身池袋在住。ソリッドなスケートスタイルと切れ味のよいバックサイド系トリックを武器に、スケートシーンの死角で活動するIKBからの刺客。スポンサーはBlueprint、Vans、Color Communications、Fat Bros。
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