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──DC Presents MORTAL KOMBAT Supported by G-SHOCK


日本橋三越の屋上で行われた前代未聞のミニランプコンテスト“Mortal Kombat”。

A mini ramp contest Mortal Kombat took place on the rooftop space of a prestigious Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi department store.
Beer garden customers were all amazed with the skills of the eight selected skaters.
The video also features an event with skate school and mini demo on the 7th floor.

Video by Tomoyuki Kujirai

Special thanks:
DC、G-SHOCK、MBM Parkbuilders、Hombre Niño、Prime、T19、BP Trading、W-Base、
187 Killer Pad(Advance Marketing)、Bashi Burger Chance、Wooden Toy、Dekimasu Works



Winner: Taiho Tokura

Best trick winner: Takuya Ishizuka

MBM Parkbuilders special award: Shor West

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