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JAKE HAYES / ジェイク・ヘイズ



The world's number one high ollie record holder from Sydney, Australia. He's just launched his own collection with Dickies Skateboarding.

Q & A
  • 出身地:
  • 肩書き:
  • スタンス:
  • スポンサー:
    DeathwishDickiesNew Balance NumericThunderSpitfireSunday HardwareShake JuntLiquid DeathHighland Peak CoPsockadelicLodown Store
  • 靴のサイズ:
  • 生年月日:
  • スケート始めた年:
  • 好きな数字:
  • 最新Dickiesコレクションのセールスポイント:
  • Dickiesのコレクションが実現したきっかけ:
    ジョー(Dickies Skateboardingグローバルブランドマネージャー/チームマネージャー )がここ数年、Dickiesのスタッフと一緒にスケートチームがブランドとライダーを表現できるコレクションを進めてくれた。
  • ファッションに求めるもの:
  • 高さを出す秘訣:
    なんでもオーリーすること! 小さなものから始めて上を目指す。過去にオーリーしたものの高さを思い出すのもいい目印にもなる。
  • Deathwishの魅力:
  • お気に入りのNB#シューズ:
  • LAで気になること:
  • ベストビデオパート:
  • 知っている日本語:
  • ラーメンor寿司:
  • 自分に言い聞かせていること:
  • デニーロorパチーノ:
  • 観戦するスポーツ:
  • 最近うれしかったこと:
  • お気に入りのレストラン:
    スタジオシティのGood Neighborで朝食。
  • 誰も信じてくれない真実:
  • 絶対に譲れないもの:
  • 好きな言葉:
  • 苦手なもの:
  • 最後にキレたこと:
  • 巨大なレールを攻める秘訣:
  • 理想の1日:
  • 現在取り組んでいるプロジェクト:


Q & A English
  • Hometown:
    Sydney, Australia
  • Title:
    Jake Hayes
  • Stance:
  • Sponsors:
    Deathwish, Dickies, New Balance Numeric, Thunder, Spitfire, Sunday Hardware, Shake Junt, Liquid Death, Highland Peak Co, Psockadelic, Lodown Store
  • Shoe size:
  • Date of birth:
    February 18, 1992
  • Year you started skating:
  • Favorite number:
  • The special points of the new Dickies collection:
    A standout from my Dickies collection to me would be the green and white rugby pullover. It’s perfect to go skate in, but also to go to dinner with your lady!
  • How the Dickies collection came about:
    Joe [Dickies Skateboarding Global Brand Manager / Team Manager] has been working endlessly with everyone over at Dickies for the last few years, helping the skate team navigate their way through the process of working on and designing collections, that speak about the brand and also us as individuals.
  • Things you look for fashion:
    I’m all about comfort while not having to sacrifice aesthetics!
  • Secret to high ollie:
    Ollie over things! Everything you can! Start small and work your way up. It’s also a good marker for you to remember how high you’ve ollied in the past.
  • Best thing about Deathwish:
    Deathwish trips. I love getting in the van with the team and spending time on the road. Skating new spots with good people!
  • Favorite NB# shoe:
    NB272. It’s a simple vulcanized shoe with a good shaped toe, that works really well for me and the way I like to skate! They’re good to go straight out of the box and don’t require much breaking in!
  • Things that bother you in LA:
    Traffic. I know everyone always says it, but if you get caught in the car at the wrong place at the wrong time, you could spend a few hours getting home!
  • Best video part:
    Andrew Reynolds, Baker2.
  • Japanese words you know:
    The only words I know are konnichiwa and Arigato. Hoping to expand my knowledge of Japan with a trip at some point in the near future. I want to experience Japanese car culture!
  • Ramen or sushi:
  • Things you keep telling to yourself:
    Haters gonna hate but skaters gonna skate!
  • De Niro or Pacino:
  • Favorite sports to watch:
    Soccer, but I only really pay attention to games while the World Cup is on. I’m not the biggest sports guy, but I’ve found myself being more interested over the last couple of years.
  • Things that made you feel happy recently:
    Spending time, going on drives with my girlfriend and dog!
  • Best place to eat:
    Good Neighbor in studio city for breakfast!
  • Truth that no one believes it’s true:
    It isn’t always warm and sunny in California.
  • Things that you can never compromise:
    My grip! I like clean grip tape!
  • Favorite word:
  • Pet peeve:
    Bad drivers.
  • Last time you snapped:
    It’s been a while actually. I’m always trying to make a conscious effort to not get as frustrated when I skate, lately it’s been working out pretty good.
  • Secret to skating huge rails:
    Confidence. As soon as you doubt yourself or your ability when skating a rail, that’s when you get hurt. Just try not to hesitate.
  • Ideal day:
    Breakfast at home, hit a park or the streets with some friends, hopefully film a real clip or something for Instagram then make my way home for dinner with my girlfriend!
  • Projects you’re currently working on:
    Dickies full length video ‘Honeymoon’ coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled!



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