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──RYO KAMII / 上井 陵



華々しいキャリアを飾った10代前半。さまざま事情を抱えてスケートシーンから離脱するも、満を持してカムバック。精密な動きと浮遊するスタイル。上井 陵が神童と呼ばれていた理由。

Started a great skate career in his teens and disappeared from the scene but made his come back out of the blue. Amazing board control and effortless style. This is why Ryo Kamii was known as the prodigy.

Video: TA
Photo: Takahiro Matsumoto

Ryo Kamii

Date of Birth :
April 5, 1992

Birthplace :
Honjo, Saitama

Blood Type :

  • HUF
  • Venture Trucks