As one of the most influential pros from the '80s and having strong impact on both skate and chopper scene today, Jason Jessee is a true legend. We caught up with the man and asked a few question about his Brixton collection.




Interview by VHSMAG, Photos courtesy of Brixton, Special thanks: StraightSix Ltd.

VHSMAG (V): When and how did you get hooked up with Brixton?

jason Jessee (J): Guns of Brixton has always been one my favorite Clash songs – ever since I was a kid and my brothers would blast The Clash in my face. When Brixton started, I saw their first ad and was like, they make hats?! I'm on!


The Clash "Guns of Brixton"

V: What's the best thing about Brixton?

J: What’s the best thing about your mom? Her vagina. OK, that sounds weird but without a vagina you can't be born to love your mom. And everyone that’s a part of Brixton are the best people ever, and I love ‘em just like baby’s love birth canals.

V: How did the collaboration with Brixton come about?

J: I asked and I'm polite.

V: What's the concept of the collection?

J: When you’re naked in the streets all you got is your word.

V: What items are included in the collection?

J: Limited edition apparel, headwear, and accessories including a rad new jacket, wovens, tees, and fleece – all with custom artwork and details! We also created two new snapbacks, a beanie, and custom slippers.

V: Favorite piece from the collection?

J: That’s a really good question, honestly, all of it.

V: Where did the inspiration come from?

J: I'm from the California coast beaches and bridges, so that is always a big inspiration.

V: You've been skating strong since the 80s. What's changed since then and now?

J: Nothing, it’s still just as great as it ever was. Maybe now there’s even more amazing people to skate and crack jokes with.

V: What's the best thing about skateboarding?

J: Exactly skateboarding.

V: What's the similarity between skating and all the other things you do, like building and riding motorcycles?

J: My mom was a midwife, so I've delivered nine babies over the years including, my sister when I was 10–years-old. So basically, I needed a lot of outlets.



V: How do you keep going for all these years at your level? What's the secret to longevity?

J: Like I said, my mom was a midwife and vegan, and I never really partied. I'm left handed and obsessed with life, dying, love, human kindness, taking chances, facials, and skin care products.

V: Looking back on all the years of skating, what's the most rewarding thing?

J: You asking me this question!


Santa Cruz『Streets on Fire』(1988)


Santa Cruz『Speed Freaks』(1989)


Santa Cruz『A Reason for Living』(1990)


Santa Cruz『Risk It』(1990)


Consolidated『Number 1』(1995)

Jason Jessee

One of the most influential skater from the '80s. Currently he rides for Santa Cruz and also is one of the ambassadors of Brixton and Converse CONS. He's past parts includes Streets on Fire, Speed Freaks and Risk It.