Vans x Frog Skateboards

Sorry i haven't been able to update…
──Thank you summer time/


Sorry i haven't been able to update the blog so much this summer; i've been super busy... Here is some  pictures of an awesome summer time in between Paris and Bordeaux which ends with a beautiful wedding...Thanks to everyone, enjoy!


Grib working on his track for VHS/

Back to Bordeaux/

Kicks and Grib artist network/

Yoan got a new photo camera! Good investment

Pat "the legend" skates his Magentas until the very end and became the Lucky dad of the little Joachim! Congrats Pat and Nat/

And then the big day came/ youhou!!!

Kenji and Sachiko Nakahira came all the way from Koshi Island for the week end!!!

Aligato Kenji, Sachiko, Hagiwara and the Nakano family!


Leo Valls
photo:Gregoire Grange
Leo Valls