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Japanese English First setup: My da…
──Dylan Rieder(English)


First setup:
My dad's old Powell board. I forget the model. There were some Indys on there and some cruiser wheels.

First trick:

First pro you met in person:
I saw Arto and Rowley at this park by my grandmother's house on Christmas Day. That was pretty awesome.

First video you ever watched:
Probably a 411. I think The End was the first video I ever owned.

First sponsor:
K5 Skate shop down in San Diego. My dad's friend owns the shop.

First coverage in a skate magazine:
I think a Quiksilver ad when I was like 13 or something.

First video part:
Osiris video, Subject to Change.

First skate injury:
My first really bad one was when I was 16 I broke my arm in Australia.

First time you broke your board:
Kickflip down a 6 stair.

First cuss word:
Really? How am I suppose to remember that.

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word VHS:
That I don't have a vhs player anymore. Wish I did though.

カリフォルニア州ガーデングローブ出身、LA在住。幼少の頃からオレンジカウンティのVansパークに通い詰めてトランジションのスキルをマスター。その後ストリートスケーターへと成長し、現在はスケートシーンを牽引するスケーターのひとりとまでなった。グレッグ・ハントが制作したGRAVIS Footwearのショートビデオ『dylan.』は必見だ。
THE FIRSTS。今回は、スケート界の貴公子にして、
Alien WorkshopとGRAVISの看板ライダーである