VANS - Jackson Pilz Sk8-Hi Pro

Japanese English First time you sta…
──Soichiro Nakajima(English)


First time you started skating
A friend of mine was skating and I was interested in American scene.

First sponsor
Koshin (World Industries, Duffs).

First video part you got inspired by
Kareem Campbell, World Industries’ 20 Shot Sequence.

First coverage in a magazine
Warp, when I was 15. Isam shot it for Shonan feature and Chaka was in it too.

First time you got featured in the American skate media
Check Out, TransWorld SKATEboarding when I was 19. It was shot by Pete Thompson in SF.

First motivation to start IFO
I was turning 30 and there was a good environment to start my own skate company.

First time you felt good on a skateboard
Heelflip nosetap on tranny.

First time you felt lost on a skateboard
First time I entered a skate contest.

First impression of Captain (IFO pro)
Nakayama Kinnikun (a comedian), who was born on the same day.

First thing you’ll say to introduce yourself
I’m a pro skater who own a skate company.

THE FIRSTS。今回は、ワールドワイドに