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Today, im very worried about the si…
──Message for japan/


Today, im very worried about the situation in japan. I wanted to give a message of hope to all my friends and all the japanese people...

I didnt know what to do and i thought that making art is the best way to give a message and show that we think of you guys here in San Francisco.

Yoan and I made this today. This is to show our support. Lauren is donating too, and i encourage any of my friends in France and America to do the same.

This is a painting i made with Lauren and my good friend Kenji Nakahira in Kochi last summer.

And Lauren made this with pieces of beach glass!

You're not alone, we're thinking about you!

If there is anything we can do, let us know. We pray for the situation to get better. You guys are the best, be strong!



Leo Valls
photo:Gregoire Grange
Leo Valls