VANS - Crockett Hi

Japanese English First time you sta…
──Akihiro Iida(English)


First time you started skating:
A guy in my hometown was skating and I started pushing with his board. I was hooked right away.

First time you realized your ollie was high:
When people told me my ollie was high.

First time you thought Kyoto is the best:
When you can see girls’ underwear at Kamo River, and when I found out that there are skate spots.

First time you whined about something:
That hurts… it really hurts!!

First time you looked the other way:
When I saw Yakuzas fighting.

First time you felt ashamed:
When I got drunk and woke up at stranger’s house.

First skate trip:
Osaka. Ken Nagahara took me there when I was 16. I saw like 40 skaters and felt pressed.

First video part:

First skate injury:
A year after I started skating, I couldn’t ollie. I ollied some stairs and broke my ankle. I had a cast for two months.

First temptation outside skating:
Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls.

First time you were mistaken as non-Japanese:
I was asked to answer some questionnaire for foreigners. Three times in 30 minutes...

First weird nickname:
Single-edged eyelid.

First fear:
Anesthesia before surgery.

First time you snapped:
When police started questioning me just because I had a skateboard.

THE FIRSTS。今回は、モンスターオーリーを誇る
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