Nike SB dojo | スケートパーク

Japanese English First time you got…
──Kazuhiro Hiroki(English)


First time you got into skating:
A good friend of mine was skating. There was no one skating around where I live since it’s in the countryside. We had no information about skating.

First Japanese skater that you got influenced by:
Junnosuke Yonesaka

First Japanese skater you met in person:
Alex Lee Chang. He came to my hometown, Niigata, for a contest. I thought strongly to myself that I want to be a good skater.

First time you ollied over a pylon:
Probably when I was in the 9th grade. I started skating in the 8th grade but I was too busy playing baseball. My dream was becoming a pro baseball player.

First Japanese skate video you ever watched:
Candy. I thought Tokyo was a crazy place.

First sponsor:
Murasaki Sports Niigata. I’m still on the team.

First video part:
Probably a video called Collaborate that a guy in Fukushima name Betchy made. Thanks Betchy.

First coverage in a skate magazine:
TransWorld SKATEboarding Japan. It was a photo of a heelflip over gap. It’s on the wall of my room. You can’t forget where you started.

First time you felt frustrated by skating:
When I was trying to ollie over a birdie back in the day and couldn’t make it. Rome was not built in a day.

First time someone called you Captain:
When I was in elementary school. I was the captain of a baseball team. Same with junior high school. My dream was becoming a pro baseball player.

First regret:
I used to take away toys from other kids when I was in kindergarten. I was a dick.

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word VHS:
A porn star, Ai Iijima. She was the one at that time.

気になるスケーターの“ 初めて ”を探るコーナー
THE FIRSTS。今回はキャプテンの愛称で慕われる
新潟生まれ、スケート育ち、寝つきの悪いヤツは大体トモダチ。もはや新潟↔東京間はコンビニ感覚。新潟市民のライフラインを守る仕事に従事する男、ALL DAY。