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──Mike Hernandez(English)


First setup:
A Vision Ken Park with Thunder Trucks and orange Kryptonics 95A wheels. I bought it off a good friend of mine Giz for like $50 or $60.

First trick:
Backside crail wallride! This is funny to me, because I remember VERY clearly how pumped I was for learning it!

First video you ever watched:
Savannah Slammah. I appreciated seeing an all-star line-up of skaters from Neil Blender, Lester Kasai, GSD, Gonz to Tommy Guerrero. It was incredible to see those different forms of skating adapt to the contest skate-course... They were our teachers for sure!

First sponsor:
My grandma... First shop-sponsor was OD's. First bit of "flow" was from Planet Earth and then entered the ranks as an "am" for Zoo York.

First coverage in a skate magazine:
TransWorld SKATEboarding… Jeff Pang asked me to go get a photo taken at a skatepark. The whole session was totally natural and I never saw the photographer again who just happen to be Spike Jonze. Pang and I were up in Connecticut inside some 7-Eleven and he shows me a TransWorld saying, "You're a Star!!" He opens it and boom! Full color page... I landed up getting a full-page color shot and Pang got a small black & white manual sequence. Pang was already skating for Shut, Venture and Vans! I just had a shop sponsor.

First video part:
Never had an actual full video part. I think my first feature in a video might have been Eastern Exposure...

First skate injury:
A badly tweaked or it may have even been a broken ankle. I'll never know because I didn't go to the hospital. I was trapped and depressed because I couldn't skate with my friends.

First cuss word:

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word VHS:
Back in the days...

ニューヨーク出身。'90年代にZoo York、American DreamやInfamousに在籍したOGニューヨークスケーター。現在はバイクブティックChari & Co NYCのメンバー、そして消防士としてNYを走り回っている。
THE FIRSTS。今回は、NYでトラックバイクの