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Japanese English First setup: A pla…
──Sammy Winter(English)


First setup:
A plastic banana board. I think it was blue.

First trick:
Back flip.

First pro you met in person:
I can’t remember. I was stoked when I met John Cardiel.

First video you ever watched:
I think it was an old 411. But the one that stood out was Mouse and
Chocolate Tour.

First sponsor:
Blade skate shop in Noosaville. Discounts and shit. Haha.

First coverage in a skate magazine:
I think it was in ASM or Slam Magazine. Frontside flip down a 10 step. What was I thinkin’? Actually my first three photos in magazines were frontside flips. Reynolds is the shit.

First video part:
We shall see.

First skating injury:
I fell off bombing a hill when I was probably seven or eight and ripped a hole in my shoulder and almost lost my right nipple. I was bleeding crazy amounts of blood.

First time you broke your board:
I’ve been breaking boards since I can remember. Probably something stupid on flat.

First cuss word:
Fuck. I can’t fuckin’ remember that shit.

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word VHS:
Rawness. VHS is the shit.

オーストラリア出身。 1986年3月26日生まれ。スムースで洗練されたスケートスタイルで注目を集めるアップカマー。スポンサーはCliché、Gravis、Analog、Destructo、Spitfire、Modus。
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