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Japanese English First time you tho…
──Yoshihiro Ohmoto(English)


First time you thought skaters are stupid:
Around the time when people started calling me Deshi, my master got caught for shoplifting and taken to a security room. He jumped down two stories and ran away. He muttered that his feet hurt.

First book you got inspired by:
Fabre’s Souvenirs Entomologiques, Dung Beetle episode. I was stoked how creative this bug is as a child.

First trip:
I asked this girl to go out with me and I was very confident. I got rejected and went on a trip to Osaka to forget about my broken heart.
I went to a skateshop called Eight and Venix was there to comfort me.

First time you felt you surpassed your master:
I can never surpass him.

First impression when you met Pontus Alv:
Stylish and raging pit bull.

First pick up line:
Are you alone?

First time you felt girl’s body… what did you think?:
It was like a donut, Pon de Ring.

First time you felt like a hypocrite:
I ran for class president and got rejected.

First thing you’d say to someone who just got to know you:
I guess I’m a skater. I’ve been traveling around these days. Let’s hang out if we see each other.

THE FIRSTS。今回はニックネームが本名よりも
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