Having the legendary Tony Hawk as his father and leaves a big footprint in the history of Skateboarding, Riley Hawk just released his first signature shoe from Lakai. Check out his short interview along with the newest commercial of his shoe.

Interview by VHSMAG Photos courtesy of Lakai Special thanks: B’s International

VHSMAG (V):When and how did you first got to know about Lakai? What was your impression of the brand?

RILEY HAWK (R):I had always known about them growing up being a huge skate fan but Fully Flared is what really brought them into the light for me, that was my generation’s major video for those dudes, as soon as I saw it all I wanted to do was wear Lakai.

V:Who did you look up to when you grew up skating?

R:My dad, Andrew Reynolds, and honestly just all my friends. They are the people that really got me stoked on skating, just watching everyone progress together.

V:What's your all-time best video part you got influenced by?

R: I really liked Mike Carroll’s part in Fully Flared. The Judas Priest to 3-6 Mafia… That was a really tight one.

V:How did you get hooked up with Lakai?

R:I think it was through Atiba Jefferson talking about me to all those dudes...

V:What's the best thing about Lakai as a brand?

R:Being on a team with a bunch of god damn legends!

V:What's the best thing about the team?

R:Everyone rips. Trips are always fun. What more can you ask for?

V:How is it like having such great skaters like Howard & Carroll as your boss?

R:It's insane, they are the coolest dudes ever. I owe so much to them.

V:How did your signature shoe come about?

R:Scott Johnston hit me up and then me and him started throwing ideas back and forth and then I cruised into the office and we handled it in one afternoon. It was awesome.

Newest commercial featuring Riley’s first signature shoe from Lakai.

V:Anything you worked hard on, kept in your mind functionally when making your shoe?

R:Just making something that I could actually skate in, ya know? I wanted something that looked rad but skated well at the same time.

V:How did you feel when you first picked up your shoe?

R:It was insane and such a surreal feeling. I don't even think it has still really settled in to this day. Haha.

V:What did your father say about your shoe?

R:He was so stoked for me. He knows how that kinda thing goes and a pro shoe is a big accomplishment in a skateboarding career. I’m happy he got to see that happen.

V:What's the best & worst thing about having Tony Hawk as your father?

R:Best thing is he is the best dad I coulda asked for. He understands everything and always helps me out with anything skateboarding or in life. Nothing bad about it.

V:What's your ideal skate shoe? Design, function, etc. All-time favorite?

R:Slimmer style shoe, basic colors and comfy to wear.

V:What's the most memorable project you've done with Lakai?

R:Probably the Voltage Tour. It was my first big trip with them and I was such a little kid in Europe just all scared being around all these legends and everyone was so cool. I remember Marc Johnson casually saved my life on that trip. I almost walked right into the street when a bus was coming, not remembering people drive on the other side of the road there and he just stuck his arm out and caught me.

V:Any project you want to work on with Lakai?

R:The Lakai video! It's already in the works.

V:Anything in the works? What can we expect from you in the near future?

R:Lakai Video!



Price ¥11,664
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Riley Hawk

Born on December 6, 1992. Having Tony Hawk, a legendary vert skater as father, Riley is known as a pro street skater on Baker. He just released his first ever signature shoe from Lakai and continues to pursue his skate career.