VANS - Crockett Hi

hell ye, long time no see my homies…
──Uniful in Taipei


hell ye, long time no see my homies "Hide" and "Shin"

some fresh shit

like a brother

Shin:Give me pork or kill you mother fucker

Shin:aahahaha pork all day,pork pork pork pork pork pork pork


sunny day,keep filming and skate

yes I'm done done

thanks Uniful and Shin and Taro

Hide always busy,filming and check footage and editing.....thanks Hide

go to skate street spot

keep filming Shin

Hide u are best JP filmer

some sticker "Lafayette" thanks Hide

Shin change new board


check footage

so much fun with u skate homie

keep filming for Uniful new video

chillin chillin (Tom,me,Shin)

hell ye I have a Bacon

yeayea my shoes is fucked up,just a weeks

dinner last day with homies

chillin chillin

check footage

so much fun with u guys skate and filmin,see u soon my homies,and thanks u guys so much


ADEE -Hung Chen Lu-
Date of Birth : 1987/1/27
Birth Place : 台湾, 台北 Taiwan Taipei
Resides : 上海 Shanghai
Blood Type : O
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