Shogo Zama Vans

Japanese English First Setup: My fi…
──Neil Smith(English)


First Setup:
My first setup was a World Industries’ Daewon Song, Destrusto Trucks, Blind 51mm wheels.

First trick:
After the Ollie, I learned Fs 180, and then a heelflip. After that, I can’t remember.

First pro you ever met in person:
Dunno… Maybe Paul Shier.

First British skater you looked up to:
Mark Baines.

First skate video you ever watched:
Blueprint, A Mixed Media.

First video part you got blown away:
Probably Shorty’s, Chad Muska part from Fulfill the Dream.

First coverage in a skate magazine:
Sidewalk Magazine. It must have been ’02, doing an Ollie over a kinked handrail.

First video part:
It was a local video called DBAF, probably in ’98 or ’99.

First time you got featured in an American skate media:
The Skateboard Mag issue 2.

First time you felt like an outsider skating in other country:
Every time I come to America. They’re the tough guys… they’re the big boys.

First thing you felt when you got your first pro board:
Massively happy!

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