Felipe Gustavo embodies American dream. From homeland Brazil to the US, he got welcomed by the likes of Plan B and DC Shoes, and made it just by his amazingly technical skating. We caught up with the man and asked him a few questions about his signature colorway released from DC Shoes.

Interview by VHSMAG, Photos by BLABAC PHOTO courtesy of DC, Special thanks: DC Japan

VHSMAG (V): How did you get hooked up with DC?

Felipe Gustavo (F): Back in 2010, Colin and Kalis reach out to me and said they are stoked on my skating and want me to be a part of the team. I was hyped because I already knew a bunch of the team. It made sense to ride for DC and go on trips with my friends.

V: What's the most memorable project you've done with DC?

F: I believe the last video, De la Calle/Da Rua!

V: You've been to Japan several times. What's your impression on Japan and how were the spots? Any memorable spot / session?

F: Man I love Japan. I have been there a couple times and every time it is amazing. The food, spots, culture, and the locals always make you feel like you are home. I mean the language is pretty hard, but skating talks!! Too sick. In 2013 I went on a trip with the LRG team and it was epic. My first too, so for sure I took home some good memories.

V: You had some epic clips in De La Calle/Da Rua. Any behind the scene story you can share?

F: Man the tour for the premiere for the video in South America was insane! 18 days, 8 countries, 12 premieres, 6 demos!!! That right there means a lot went down. The most fun trip I’ve been in a while!!

V: So many talented Brazilian skaters are coming up these days.

F: Damn there are a lot of them all over in Brazil man. I would say Pedro Biaggio is a young ripper man! Style and trick selection is just on point!!!

V: Any Brazilian skater you keep your eye on?

F: Hard not to keep an eye on Tiago Lemos! Dude is a truly phenomenal!

V: You've released your color way of the NEW JACK model from DC. What did you keep in mind when working on this?

F: Honestly, I was just trying to get a white shoe and get some dope footage with it on! Haha.

V: What do you like about the shoe?

F: The way it skates and how it looks. It gives you a lot of board feel and I can pretty much skate everything with it! Shoe is just dope!!!

V: What's the reason for choosing white for the color?

F: Why not? Hahaha! I just think white shoes look super sick in footage!!!

V: How does this shoe affect your tech skating?

F: A lot of board feel, and the gum sole keeps it really grippy, so when I flick, I get the best of it!



V: What's your plan after releasing your NEW JACK model? What can we expect from you for the promotion of the shoe?

F: Yeah, I'm trying to film as much as I can and put out a solid part rocking them!

V: Aside from DC, you had a part in Plan B's TRUE video. Is there anything in the works with Plan B?

F: Not really, we're about to do a summer tour!

V: Now skateboarding made it in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. What's your take on this?

F: I think it’s awesome. If that will help skateboarding grow even more, why not? I’m down!

V: Any project you're working on?

F: Working on this push project for The Berrics.

V: What's your goal? Anything you want to accomplish through skateboarding?

F: I just want to be able to help my family and friends with skateboarding, and be able to skate as long my body lets me! Thank you skateboarding!!!!



Felipe Gustavo

A Brazilian professional skateboarder with perfect board control like precision machinery and amazingly technical skills. Some of his recent works include LRG's 1947, Plan B's TRUE., DC's De la Calle/Da Rua.


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