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Lucas Beaufort is one of the hardest working artists out there. He's been traveling the world and making his dreams come to life. We caught up with him and had a little chat about his art.



Photos courtesy of Lucas & Brixton Japan

VHSMAG (V): Skating and art, which came first for you?

Lucas Beaufort (L): I remember that my mom got me a skate when I was a very small kid. I always loved it and never stopped. It’s my first source of inspiration for sure. I always loved art but I started painting very late, I was already 27 !

V: What was your first art that you remember making?

L: When I was around 27 I wanted to get something special for my brother for Christmas. I was looking to get him something personal. So I bought some colors and I drew a big drawing that I framed. The drawing represented hundreds of funny monsters. That was the first time I drew. When everyone saw the gift I got my brother, everyone told me I should continue, and I did!

V: Artists you're influenced by?

L: Fernand Léger, Geoff McFetridge, Henry Jones, Matt Carignan to mention a few.

V: Tipping point in your art career? What was the thing that got your name out there as an artist?

L: I always loved magazines, of course skate and snowboard magazines. I used to buy a lot and keep them at home. Once I painted on the cover of a Vice magazine. I sent them the photo, they loved it and posted it. They offered me a subscription. Then I started painting on all the magazines I had and sent the photos of my work to the editors, the photographer, the rider... and they were very welcoming and loved the result. I didn’t want them to think that I had no respect for their work. My goal is the opposite. By adding my characters in the shot it’s a way for me to be there, as I was part of the action. Many magazines posted my recovers and that contributed a lot to getting my name out there as an artist.

V: What are some of your most memorable works?

L: I painted a mural on a building in Montreal in September 2018, it was so huge. I am scared of heights and it was a 25 x 25 meters wall. I had to forget about the height. I only had four days to do it so I worked 16 hours every day to make it happen. Another great experience I had was to paint for all the W Hotels in Asia. I went to many different places in China and all over Asia where I would never have gone if it wasn’t for that project. I love traveling and I love discovering new places and meeting new people. This is what drives me the most.

V: You grew up in south of France. How was it growing up there?

L: I was born in Cannes on the French Riviera by the Mediterranean Sea. The place is beautiful and always sunny. The “Croisette” is the main street along the beach and it’s the most amazing place to skate. I made so many friends when I was a teenager skating there. We had a real crew. I don’t live there anymore but I am always stoked to go back and watch the young kids skating in Cannes. I love to figure out who will be the next good skater.

V: You've collaborated with many brands in the past. How do you decide which brand to work with?

L: I always accept to collaborate with a brand that I like, that I have or would buy from. I had to turn down a few proposals I had when the brand or the product they sell don’t stick with who I am. I wouldn’t work with an electronic cigarette company or an energy drink company because I don’t like their products.

V: How did the collaboration with Brixton come about?

L: I knew one person from the Brixton team working in Europe. He suggested that I should participate to a group show in Paris organized by Brixton. I met all the Brixton team there and we had a great connection. A few months later we decided to launch a full collection.

V: Please explain about the collaboration.

L: The collaboration was very smooth because Brixton let me create whatever I wanted without guiding my creations. That’s the best thing for an artist. Being free to create whatever inspires you at the moment.

V: What about the character you use in the collection?

L: The collection shows my character called Gus Gus. This little guy is my friend and guides me through life. He appears in almost all my artworks.

V: What are the things you kept in mind when working on this collaboration?

L: That everything is possible.

V: You said you're a dreamer in the promo video. What's the best thing about being a dreamer?

L: I am a dreamer but my goal is to realize my dreams, not keeping them in a corner of my head. That’s what pushes me and that’s why I’m such a hard worker.

V: What's your current dream as artist?

L: I would love to paint an aircraft. Keep posted, that should happen soon!

V: A lot of people are staying at home with the COVID-19 pandemic. How are you spending time at home?

L: I am not used to staying home for a very long time as I am always traveling all around the world. I moved to Normandy last year in a beautiful house in the countryside. I never got to spend too much time in my new home and in my studio. Staying home right now inspires me to find new ideas and to be creative more than ever.

V: Lastly, what does art mean to you?

L: It’s what you have inside you and how you express it.


Lucas Beaufort

Born in 1981 in Cannes, France. He's an artist known for his distinct characters. He's been collaborating with numerous brands and has also made a documentary piece; he's a true multitalented artist.


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