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With super nollie pop and technical ledge tricks, Matt Miller has come up with his first signature shoe from DC. Here he talks about his shoe and Southeast Asia tour he just came back from. Check out his chill interview.

Interview by VHSMAG Photos by Mike Blabac, courtesy of DC

VHSMAG(V): How did your signature shoe come about and how do you feel about it?

Matt Miller(M): I guess DC was down. I feel so blessed to have a shoe on DC. Really words can’t describe the feeling.

V: What kind of people / skater do want your shoe to be worn?

M: Everyone and anyone. It’s got the support you need while still having the thin one piece toe as well as breathability and it last a long time.

V: Has getting your signature shoe out from DC been your motivation to progress your skating?

M: It’s been a big motivation for sure but at the end of the day that’s what makes skating the best thing. Always trying to progress and learn new things.

V: What did you work the hardest on when working on function and design of your shoe?

M: I just wanted a shoe that looked good, different and skated well all while making it last long.

V: What shoes do you wear when not skating?

M: I have a couple chill shoes from DC, but really I only wear skate shoes.

V: You just went on DEFYCONVENTION TOUR 2014. How was the tour?

M: eah, just went on a tour for the launch of my shoe. It was all good homies with amazing people in Southeast Asia. Came back home with all the good memories.

V: Member of the tour were super legit. Who do you hang out the most on tour?

M: I hang with all the dudes since we all travel a lot together but I’ve been traveling with Wes (Kremer) and Evan (Smith) for a long time now!

Part 01 of DC DEFY CONVENTION TOUR, a tour to promote Matt Miller’s signature shoe. Kota Ikeda was one of the members of the tour.

V: Any video project for your board sponsor?

M: Yeah, Expedition is coming out with a little video introducing the new ams and everyone will have footy in it. Sometime in December I believe.

V: You have the best nollie in the industry. Where did you get that from and who were you influenced by as for your skating?

M: I don't know. It’s just what felt natural for me I guess. I like the OG SF and Love Park dudes a lot. A ton of more too but that’s what made me wanna go skate the most.

V: Any up and coming you keep your eye on?

M: Too many to name!

V: Any project lined up in the near future?

M: Yeah, trying to launch my non profit called Skateboarding Cares in the near future.

V: How do you describe your skating and what does skating mean to you?

M: I guess more of a plaza style and skating is life.

Online part for the launch of Matt Miller’s signature shoe.

Matt Miller’s Run & Gun. Score now!


Matt Miller

Expedition One pro who just released his first signature shoe from DC. He’s got a bag of super technical ledge tricks and switch flip tricks, and no one can top his strong nollie.


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