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With SOTY 2017 under the belt, Jamie Hoy is one of the gnarliest skaters alive. The new guy on New Balance Numeric roster looks back on his skate life.



Photo: John Bradford, Special thanks: New Balance Numeric

VHSMAG (V): I heard you've been skating since you were one year old. Earliest memory of skating?

Jamie Foy (F): It was probably going to my first skatepark Ramp 48 when I was about three years old. v

V: What was the first video you remember watching?

F: The first ones I could remember was just a bunch of 411s that they would have at Ramp 48 on the tv/chill area. I was so young it was hard to tell people apart but I didn’t care I was just hyped to watch skating.

V: What was the video part you got influenced by?

F: I'd say the Zero videos. It was hard to remember exactly what parts I liked but I definitely think that’s what made me think handrails and eating shit was the sickest (laughs).

V: How did you learn how to skate super big handrails?

F: Ramp 48 had all kinds and sizes of rails so that was definitely a big help in getting comfortable with rails.

V: Anything you keep in mind when you skate big stuff?

F: I just try to think of the first half of them not the second because then all rails are kind of the same. Just a difference in holding the trick for a little longer or not.

V: In Nine Club you mentioned getting 4 video parts out in 2016. How do you keep yourself motivated and plus produce so many insane clips?

F: Just always skating with good homies. That way you are always hyped out in the streets. If you got the right crew you can get a lot of shit done.

V: What would you say was your big break in the skate industry?

F: Getting on Deathwish because then I had a solid crew and company backing me and helping me put out my footage.

V: Last year was a big one for you. You were announced as the new am for Deathwish, went pro and won SOTY right off the bat.

F: It was so surreal. Like I said it was just keeping the good homies around and having fun. If I think about it all it was a lot but it didn’t see like it while it was happening. It all flew by though.



V: After you won the SOTY, Ty Evan's "The Flat Earth" came out. How was filming for that insane part?

F: It was hella fun. Going in trips with Ty was a whole different experience. He’s so determined. If you say you want to skate something he'll make it possible by any means. I wouldn’t have been able to have a part like that if it wasn’t for him!

V: How long did it take to make the front crook the El Toro? How harsh was that battle?

F: I got really lucky and landed that first try. It was a good hour psychological battle though. I had to have grinded it like 20 times though (laughs).



V: You took that insane slam and had Hall of Meat on Thrasher this summer. What happened and what did you have to go through after that?

F: I just hit up the right people to make sure that I was going to get an x-ray and taken care of as soon as I got back to LA. Then me and my homies got into my car, went to Chick-Fil-A, and then drove 12 hours from ABQ to LA. Thankfully I had no real injury and just took a break from skating for a week and then I was all good.



V: It seemed like the momentum never stopped even you took that slam. Is there anything special you do maintain the momentum?

F: I’m going to sound repetitive but just skate with good homies (laughs). That way you’re always out and having fun. That’s the way you can collect the most stuff because then it never feels like you’re working.



V: What was the most memorable thing in your skate career so far?

F: Getting my name on a board for sure. When everyone at Deathwish surprised me with the board and my family that moment will probably be my most loved memory for my whole life.

V: I assume joining New Balance Numeric was a big move for you. What was the thing behind the decision?

F: Just a whole new thing. I felt like New Balance was a solid new beginning and a change for the better.

V: What's the best thing about New Balance Numeric?

F: Having a big crew of homies that are always down to go skate. They go on so many trips and put a lot of things out.



V: What's your favorite Numeric shoe?

F: I really like skating the 379, I think that’s the number (laughs). They have a real solid feel to them and have a good vulcanized sole which is my favorite.

V: Anything you want to do with NB Numeric?

F: Just let the good time keep on rolling!

V: What's next for Jamie Foy?

F: Just keep it going up. Keep trying to get better clips and go on fun trips!


Jamie Foy

Born in Florida. Known to be one of the gnarliest skaters. Currently the pro for Deathwish, he recently joined forces with New Balance Numeric. He's also the SOTY for 2017.

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