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When Australian filmer Josh Roberts…


When Australian filmer Josh Roberts sent me his DVD Domingo a year ago, I was feeling the vibes and instantly wanted to go skate with his crew in the streets of Perth, "the most isolated city in the world" if you want to believe so...

It's already two weeks in Western Australia working with him on a new MAGENTA video project and things have been really good! An awesome good looking city with some very nice fellows. Check out a few analog shots from our great host James Whineray, then visit his website for more of his excellent photo work:

We landed and relaxed at James's house in Fremantle, a beach town next to Perth. Traveller extraordinaire Liu joined the crew the first day!

Gangster Lannon hyped to be exploring a new land.

Koichiro and Josh getting busy in good looking downtown Perth

Koichiro never sleeps and never stops!

Gettin hyped on Josh's sick camera angles while Mr Leigh Barlow is lurking. "Cheers maaate"

Ostrich-style run up

Josh setting up his machine

Night moves with Gangster Lannon

Switch bombing shit

All about the aesthetic of the spot. "VIBE FIRST"!

Thanks to everyone in Perth for skating with us and showing us a good time. Always stoked to travel, connect with underground crews and use the MAGENTA spectrum to make it happen and bring it to light.



Leo Valls
photo:Gregoire Grange
Leo Valls
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