Sorry I didn't get the chance or th…


Sorry I didn't get the chance or the motivation to do a post in a long time. I've been living in San Francisco for the past 6 months and had too much fun to take the time to sit at my desk and make an adequate post here.

Anyways, the Magenta Japan tour 2012 is now done and it's time to post some photos. I'm back from a fabulous 3 1/2 weeks adventure in Japan. It has been 2 years since I last visited and I was really missing the place. This time was even better than the last. I had the best experience, met the nicest people, skated the dopest spots with some of the most inspiring skaters ever; and I'm back home safe and happy! (I'll try to call California home now that I'm married and do round trips from here!)  The trip was tiring, we skated a lot, but we came back with enough footage to work on a Magenta Japan tour DVD! Keep posted!

The whole team was here (even a special "guest") to meet up and skate with Koichiro! As you probably know, Koichiro is the latest addition to Magenta, he's one of the funniest people and a very unique skater. Just so you know, you can call him 'kochan" or also "energy man"! Koichiro is one of those few unique skaters that really stands out. He has some of the quickest feet in the game (probably the quickest! pim pim pim pim) and always skates great urban spots. Check his intro part for Magenta if you haven't already; simply DOPE style and innovative ideas!

Also, Koichiro has a little interview on "LIVE" (the newest French skateboard web magazine run by the great Benjamin Debert) where he talks about his move to Magenta, check it HERE. Can't wait to skate in France with you, Kochan! We miss you already man!

Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me during the tour; so I stole some of the photos that Soy and Zach took with their iPhones. For better quality photos, go on the TBPR blog or on Kukunochi's website. For now, enjoy some dirty ghetto pics:

First day. I arrived in Tokyo with Zach and went straight to Nakano! Always a shock to come back to Japan!

It was Zach's first time in Japan and he was trippin' on everything! Even wondering what Chopsticks are for! Duuude...

Tokyo subways are pretty gnarly for foreigners! Even when it's your fourth time to Japan...

First morning, hanging out in a park with Hagi and Chiemi! Thank you FATBROS!

Koichiro playing the puzzle game with some pretty interesting spots.

Took a break to beat my boss at Tekken 3 real quick.

Spots everywhere. Tokyo architecture is amazing!


Katsumi was showing us around a lot! Thank you, brother.

Skating at night in Tokyo is amazing.

Hagiwara San. Our Japanese godfather. Thanks again for everything.

The party at Heavy Sick Zero was incredible. OPSB LIVE!

Koichiro filming! STAFF

We were invited by Takahiro Morita to appear on his show FESN tv! Unforgettable!

You can watch the show here:

We left for Osaka to stay at the Tightbooth office! Shinpei and Ogu where ready to skate hard!


Following Shinpei in the Osaka subway stations. I loved skating the underground hallways!

Street party all night long.



Kobe port. One of the best chill spots ever.

Night missions in Kobe with TBPR! Kobe is INSANE for skating.

Yasutada's curry is bangin!

Or a good old Okonomiaki!

Byebye Osaka and TBPR! Best crew. Thanks so much again.

Next stop, Shimane! Awesome people. Thanks EVOL

Zach and Uru, the best team manager in the world!

Everyone's dead tired. 2 weeks of skating everyday...

Direction Kyushu. We stoped at Hiroshima. I wish we could have visited. Next time!

FAMY skateshop in Fukuoka represents Magenta! Thank you!!!

The Lannon!

Fukuoka spots are out of this world! Thanks so much to FAMY and all the locals in Fukuoka for the good times.


Amazing hospitality! Thanks Grande skateshop!!!

Koichiro's favorite facial expression! Again and again...

A little drawing from Soy for Kenji at OLLI skateshop in Kumamoto! Thanks again Kenji!!!

This is Akira Matsusaki. He was our guide and driver the whole time we were in Kyushu. He's one of the nicest guy I've met with such a great energy. Again, thanks so much, Akira, hope to see you soon!

It was sad to say goodbye to everyone after such an amazing trip. Well be back soon!

Also, if you live in Japan, check out the latest issue of Transworld! There is a 2 page Magenta article with a Soy interview. I got the action photo doing a "Boneless attack" (Boneless smash tail) in the streets of Kobe! Stoked.

I want to thank all the skaters from Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Shimane and Kyushu, everybody in Japan for supporting Magenta and having such a positive attitude. All the skateshops we went to: Fatbros, Shelter, Evol, Famy, Grande, Olli... Special thanks to Hagiwara San, Takahiro Morita at FESN, Shinpei Ueno and Shingo Ogura at TBPR, Shinsaku Arakawa, Akira Matsusaki, Kenji Nakahira, Akira Fujimoto, Katsumi Minami, Akira Imamura, Iroki Muraoka, OPSB and, of course, Masanori Uruma and KUKUNOCHI! ARIGATO

Leo Valls
photo:Gregoire Grange
Leo Valls