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it's been a week now that my friend…


it's been a week now that my friends and i are staying in Marseille to film for the upcoming Magenta video and make a new capsule. As i said before, the idea of a capsule is to drop a short clip with only street skating in it and show underground skaters in their environment. Im stocked about going to new cities and try to make a new clip out of nowhere with the help of friends and motivated locals. You always meet cool people, find new spots and streets and grow a little more. It's a lot of work if you want to make a whole clip in only a week, but it's always interesting. Imagine a capsule in SF, NYC, England, Russia, Egypt or even south Africa...

Of course, making a clip representing the atmosphere and the energie of a city is a difficult chalenge, and you realise that it's completely impossible to represent a whole scene in a short clip or  even meet everyone.

Guillaume shooting a photo of Soy!

Thomas and Antoine! Two generations fighting for the same cause!

Skating the hills of Marseille! Faster is better!

Masaki is back on feet after his bad injury, he will be skating again in a few months! He came as a second angle cameraman but he can also cruise and push his skateboard now and he bombed some crazy hills!

Soy getting involved in the hills love story!

the crew checking the footies

You can go on the very top of the city and see this!

Marseille by night

I got a few good clips of Yoan! Yoan's footage are precious!

Marseille was a lot of fun. Some days were really cold and rainy, there is some crazy people and a few dangerous crakheads, but Marseille skaters are super rad and were always down to go skate early in the day or late in the night.

Thanks a lot to Leo Loden, Momo Molinier (two Marseille legends), Antoine Riviere and all the people we skated with for the good times!

About myself, i'm going back to Bordeaux tomorrow to pack my stuff and i will be flying to San Francisco next week end!

Keep posted!


Leo Valls
photo:Gregoire Grange
Leo Valls
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