Shogo Zama Vans

Japanese English First time you got…


First time you got into skating:
1987. I got my first toy skateboard in 1980 though.

First big injury through skating:
I did some air off a jump ramp and there was a kid in front of me. I landed but my right foot came off; tweaked it really badly.

First exposure in a magazine:
Surfer Magazine, an ollie tail grab backside shifty.

First American pro you ever skated with:
Jason Lee, Mike Daher and Carl Shipman.

First English word you ever learned:
I forgot. My daughter's first English word is "APPLE."

First modeling:
I happened to do a little modeling for Hectic with Uru (Masanori Uruma). That was the only one.

First overseas visit:
A week in NYC. I was there with Uru and Moriyasu Nishihira.

First chaotic incident:
I was pushing through Harajuku and Shibuya on a Sunday afternoon and was surprised with the amount of people waking there.

First Volcom tour:
When Darrell Stanton and Javier Sarmiento came. It was raining the whole time.

First happiness you ever felt:
When Steve Rodriguez at 5Boro offered me a pro board and the team was down with the idea. Brandon Westgate was down so that was special.

神奈川県横浜市出身。Volcom、5Boro、Vans、5Nutsなどからスポンサーを受けるスケート界の兄貴。土屋敬志、田口 悟、松尾裕幸といった著名スケーターを指南したことでもしられるメディスンマン的存在。
THE FIRSTS。今回はストリートの現役最年長
石沢 彰の登場。25年以上にもなるスケート
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