Don't know if you guys heard of it …


Don't know if you guys heard of it in Japan,  but GREY is an excellent little free magazine out of London which is focusing on street skating and is helping the European scene to Grow up. The guy know what's up, he's down for underground skating and has a taste for well done work, what else can you ask for?

The last issue of GREY was focusing on nigth skating and went out with this really nice london clip made by Henry Edward  hood.

I also got the interview of the Mag! Here is two pages from it.

To coincide with the release of each issue, they give a "three clips" article to complete the interview. I had to pick up three skateboard clips from youtube and write a little paragraph about it, and of course, i had to put the crew from Nakano!

On an other note, The "Magenta tour in Marseille" article just went out in the new issue of SOMA, a free french magazine. Vivien wrote the article and it's hilarious but i don't think any non french person would be able to understand it, so i post it for the photos. here it is:


Leo Valls
photo:Gregoire Grange
Leo Valls
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